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Singtel Prepaid Sales Rally

The main mission for this particular hybrid event was to motivate and encourage this sales team to go beyond the horizon and reach for the stars as pioneers of the industry. With events restrictions in place, our client took it in their stride and transited their Sales Rally virtually where number of attendees was not a problem. 


LIVE Stream Event





For this Sales Rally Event, it was thematic to enhance the experience and to better bring across the message from our client to their team. For the creative side, overlays, video stitching and screen graphics like key visuals and EDMs were generated to create excitement. To pump in fun and to connect with their internal live audience, immersive experiences like quiz was used to engaged them. 

To capture and engaged audiences for the entire time, we engaged an professional emcee to lighten the mood and set the tone for the event. HEILO managed the entire hybrid event and  coordinated all aspects of the livesteam. 

Social Media collaterals were also adapted as a part of promotional efforts, for dissemination by both the event owner and KOLs.

This allowed us to leverage on external KOLs' followings to promote not just the event, but also potentially the mobile application - one of the key targets of the program.

To spice things up a little, an off-site event venue was used for this hybrid event that would better fit into the theme that they have for the event. 

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