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McDonalds - Ebi Up

In conjunction with the seasonal launch of the Roasted Sesame Ebi Burger, this activation was designed to reach out to the public in an unorthodox and innovatory manner. Traditional methods used in this genre of activations were largely one-way communication promotions.


Event Activation





In the Ebi Up event, we broke barriers when the Ebi Up Level Up Game was blown up for consumers to experience the game IN PERSON. Heilo assisted the brand owner and stakeholders in areas of Location Licensing, Key Visual Adaptations for all event collaterals, Manpower Procurement & Management, as well as Consumer Experience design.

A Mobile Truck was deployed to three strategic locations: Hillion Mall, Changi City Point and Mapletree Business City. Through these activations, we were able to reach out to the heartland audience as well as the working crowd - who was most excited to participate in a light sport between corporate hours.

20190902 Citrus McDonalds Activation - 0
190903_mcdonalds event_0035.jpg

Often, businesses focus on setting up roadshows and guerilla events at areas with high human traffic flow. However, we recognized that having high traffic wouldn’t mean anything if no one stopped to look. The jumping mechanism at the activation was used to extend the key concept of the video commercial where “Ebi Up” was represented by literally jumping. The consumer journey during the Ebi Up event was designed to be highly unlike anything that came before it, allowing us to attract the attention of people in the area.

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