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OWNDAYS - Premium Concept Store Opening

OWNDAYS launched its first and only global premium concept store in the heart of Singapore, Marina Bay Sands. HEILO Agency forefronted the entire event from pre to post launch. As this opening happened during the Covid period, we had to make sure we tightened the measures and took extra precautions of event measurement that were in place to ensure it was a smooth and safe event for everyone.


Public Relations


OWNDAYS Singapore




For pre-store opening, we conceptualised, designed and fabricated the entire media drop packaging and invite cards. We curated the invite list according to what would suit the brand’s image best and coordinated the deliveries of media drop to invited guests. Invited guests who were media houses and influencers shared the media drops on their social platforms which helped generate an excitement and anticipation of this new store opening. We wrote the press release and disseminated it during post event. 


On the event day itself, OWNDAYS premium eyewear shopping experience was showcased along with its exclusive products and services. The media and influencers went through a guided tour in small groups to fully understand the new line of Japanese hand-crafted frames and services offered. Each guest who came received a pair of spectacles that were prescribed according to their prescriptions and went through an eye check-up that is made only available in the Premium Outlet Store. With safety and protection in mind, part-time helpers were hired to ensure a regular sanitisation of the store during the event.

OWNDAYS garnered media coverage and features from 8days, The Weekender, Her World, Time Out, Yahoo, The Smart Local and more after the opening store launch. In all, OWNDAYS Premium Concept Store opening was a great success and  extremely well received by the media and social realm.

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