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Advertising in the TikTok Factory

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Imagine Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that is what the world of TikTok feels like - new age and dimension. It’s the best platform now to grow your audience, raise awareness for your brand and engage your audience.

In our previous post, we mentioned that TikTok plays a pivotal role in your marketing strategy in the next year or two. Big brands like Apple, Disney+, McDonalds and Government Agencies have all hopped aboard the TikTok bandwagon to promote their campaigns or new launches through TikTok’s various advertising channels.

Brand Takeover

Brand Takeover Ad will appear upon opening the app as the very first video that users will encounter, there is no running away if you’re the targeted audience of the brand. You can include a link that links directly to your website to raise greater awareness of your brand and products/ services. To get optimal and best results from a Brand Takeover Ad, it is advisable to pay a higher premium for your ad as there is only one Brand Takeover Ad that will be shown in a day.


TopView is similar to Brand Takeover but is the “video first format” which appears immediately after users open the app if there is no Brand Takeover that day. TikTok videos play automatically with music and this ad format is typically 60 seconds long. If you are considering this ad channel, you can include a call-to-action button along with this ad. This will gain the first attention of the users and it will guarantee views for the ad.

In-Feed Ads

This is one of TikTok’s standard ad formats and though it's an ad, it looks organic just like all the other TikTok videos. TikTok’s In-Feed Ads will play the ad within your targeted audience’s “For You” page. Each video can capture up to 60s worth of content that you would want to showcase most to your audience.

Hashtag Challenge

One of the best ways to get your campaign viral! The Hashtag Challenge is a combination of music, dance and most importantly, #Hashtag. You can use a popular trending song on TikTok and choreograph your own dance moves, if you’d like to stand up from the crowd. With the help of KOLs, your Hashtag Challenge will go viral and soon it will be kicking up a storm in everyone’s “For You Page”.

Branded Effects

Gamify, AR filters and shareable stickers is under the umbrella of TikTok’s Branded Effects. They are interactive effects that brands can use to further engage users and integrate their messaging in a fun way. If you’re thinking of engaging your audiences and leaving a lasting impression, Branded Effects is the perfect and best channel to use for TikTok advertising.

Advertising on TikTok is on the rise and it is important that you catch the waves of it and ride along with it as TikTok is where you raise higher awareness and get sales leads. As an agency, we are certified Auction helpers of TikTok Business and we are here to help you maximise your advertising dollars to its fullest capabilities.

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