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Influencer Marketing For Your Business?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Oh yes, it is one of the most powerful tools in Digital Marketing and one of our favourite strategy!

Influencer Marketing is no stranger to us and I’m sure we are guilty of it, we purchase something because someone we admire endorses it - it is a hybrid of marketing tools, mix of content marketing and celebrity advocacy.

Influencer Marketing is like word-of-mouth marketing, just that is it digital and social which garners more attraction and raises higher awareness of a product or service. People tend to share influencers posts to their friends via Instagram or even screenshot them to their various group chat and the cycle continues. Not just sharing about a product or service, Influencers are able to educate their followers on brand’s messages but also as a constant reminder of the consistency of the brand and the best social platforms to engage your next influencers are on - Instagram and TikTok!

Influencer Marketing is one of the best strategies for brands to shoutout a new campaign that they have and as they engage an influencer, brands are engaging their followers at the same time as brands can tap into to build trust, curiosity and eventually, sales. The easiest way to leverage Influencer Marketing is to pay for their posts or if your budget does not allow for that, drop a PR drop to them and you’ll never know, they may like your product and give you free coverages - better yet a convert of your products!

Benefits of Influencer Marketing:

  • Larger audience reach

  • Increase social follow and presence

  • Movement and increase in traffic site

  • Gain new leads and sales

  • Build trust for your brand

To pick the right Influencers for your campaigns or brand - do your homework. Not all influencers will suit your brand as their followers are not your targeted audience, that money could have been for a better mileage for your brand. Most importantly, you should be getting maximum ROI for the influencer you’ll be engaging. Having a high follower count does not necessarily mean that their engagement will be fantastic, we have to make sure that their engagement rates will give you the ROI you need:

  • For 10,000 - 25,000 followers, we want to make sure that they have at least a 5% engagement on their posts

  • For 25,000 <, minimally a 3% engagement rate

Do note that these numbers vary for what you’re looking for larger following influencers and remember to get the best packages for the influencers and yourself. The results of what you’re looking for may take time and you have to be consistent with engaging influencers to retain your brand in the minds of their followers that will eventually build trust between them and you.

Just remember to be patient and trust the process!

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