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Public Relations For The Eyes

Public Relations (PR) is one of the most important parts of marketing, and every brand needs to tell a story about who they are and what products or services they have to their audience. With PR, you can forge new relationships to grow your brand’s awareness. We are here to engage your community to know your brand, understand your vision, believe in your products, increase sales and get your community to influence their circle of friends.

PR comprises writing and the distribution of press releases, execution of campaigns and new launches, creating strategic communications, conducting market research of brand’s products and designs, crisis management control and promotions on social media.

One of the most appealing and eye-catching PR tactics that plays a big first impression on your brand would be your media drop. Media drop refers to brands dropping or gifting their products to KOLs, media houses or to radio stations. This will create a buzz in the social world and they are your spokesperson who is advertising and endorsing your products for you.

But to leave a lasting impression that is able to “WOW'' your spokespeople immediately will be the aesthetics of your media kit. Let’s be real, even if you do not have the best product, it’s forgivable as having an outstanding-looking media kit, it’s half the battle won.


Being Vain Has Its Perks

Receiving a gift is always exciting and it creates a suspense of what’s going to be inside it. Packaging is a key ingredient for any marketing plan to work, to generate news and ultimately sales. With a good packaging, it can make or break the perception of your brand and product. Having an visually attractive and aesthetic packaging, you can stand out from the crowd and be set apart from your competitors.

Personal Touch

Who does not love a gift that is personal? Adding a personal touch to your media drop with a simple personalised name tag, message or personally delivering to them the media drop will enhance the experience of your brand to them. Pro-tip, always ask for their food preference and curate a personalised menu for them if it is possible!

Sustainability & Usability

Sustainability is a big part of society and many are advocates for sustainability. You can source for products or materials that are recyclable and teach your consumers who they can upcycle the media box and food packaging.There are many who upcycle plastic bottles to plant plants and reuse media drop kits around their house or even create a new art piece with it!

This tells your consumers that you care not just for them but for the earth as well and it is a platform to educate consumers not to discard it after using it.


Therefore, the design of the packaging creates brand recognition and you’d want it to be seamless with your entire brand image and story. You want your consumers to remember you and experience a memorable memory with your brand and its products.

Most importantly, remember to stay true to your brand’s vision and if you need a little kick start in that or help with moving forward with a new change, speak to us at HEILO! We are always here and ready to hear you out and help you design the best visuals that is best suited for your brand.

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