Planning, organising and hosting an event is often a huge undertaking, and that’s not considering the fact that brands and businesses are becoming more competitive and creative with event experiences.

With so many groups and operations that need to be managed concurrently, finding yourself an efficient and reliable events operations team to handle all the event logistics can make or break the entire experience!

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What Events Logistics Involves

The events operations team is the people behind your event, working out what has to be done, and when. Essentially, they deal with all the logistical aspects of your event to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and accordingly with your predetermined timelines.

Some typical examples of event logistics that an events marketing agency in Singapore can help you with include venue logistics, warehousing and distribution of materials, delivery and loading scheduling and management, traffic management and tracking, asset tracking and safety regulations and licensing, and so on.

Our events operations representatives are tasked to assist our clients through the entire event process. From conceptualisation to planning and final event day execution, all event logistic needs are dealt with. As such, our events operations managers have the expert knowledge and experience in managing all functional areas involved with the planning of an event.

Beyond just facilitating and planning, our events operations team is also able to think flexibly and adapt to developments and changes that are bound to occur during the event management process!

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Event Planning Checklist

Depending on the scale of your event, your event planning and event logistics checklists may vary greatly. Typically, we break an event checklist down based on time frames. We begin at the 6-4 month and slowly work towards a checklist for the day of the event. Here is an example of what we take into account when developing a typical event checklist.

Event logistics Singapore

6 to 4 months prior

During the later periods of your event planning process, it’s the fundamental time to start laying down the framework and fundamentals surrounding your event. The following are some essential elements that you should begin nailing down:

  • Establishing the event goals and objectives
  • Select the date
  • Identify the venue and event details
  • Identify cost estimates
  • Event budget
  • Brand your event
  • Develop your publicity plan
  • Identify and contact potential sponsors or partners.

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4 to 3 months prior

With the foundational aspects of your event laid out, you can now start planning and executing other supporting factors. Now is the time to start communicating with your external stakeholders.

Here are some event logistics to address during this time:

  • Choose guest speakers, presenters or hosts
  • Finance & Administration duties
  • Venue and logistics planning
  • Follow timeline set out in the publicity plan

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2 to 1 month prior

At this point, you may feel like there’s still some time to go, but you’re much closer than you think! Spend more time focusing on the event and finalizing the essential details.

  • Send reminders to your attendees and involved parties
  • Finalise all sponsors and partners involved
  • Continue executing your publicity plan

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1 week prior

The majority of your event details are now confirmed, so all that’s left are the final touches.

  • Run through your plan you set up in the initial stages and ensure everything has been checked off
  • Finalize event schedule for the day
  • Brief any/all hosts, registration staff, and wait staff about their event duties and timelines
  • Provide confirmed attendance list to caterers with any dietary restrictions provided
  • Confirm photo opportunities and interview opportunities with your special guests and host
  • Confirm details with media attendees.

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1 day prior

At this time, everything should be in place, but it’s important to ensure you’ve tied up any and all loose ends.

  • Confirm media attendance
  • Ensure all signages and structures are in place
  • Ensure registration and media tables are set up
  • Ensure all goody bags and promotional items are made available

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