In order to make your company or product stand out of the crowd, you need to connect with your target market in a way that your competitors can’t. To gain attention, and more importantly, the loyalty of potential customers, many businesses and brands in Singapore are turning to experiential marketing. By immersing your audience in a unique and compelling experience, you’ll be able to create an unforgettable impact amongst your event go-ers!

The Best Practices of Experiential Marketing

The number one goal of your experiential marketing campaign should be to connect with your target audience through a live and personal experience. Although there are many creative ways to do this, you would want to be sure that your campaign strategy is built on these important practices!

Keep your brand identity in mind

No matter how you choose to develop your experiental marketing campaign, you need to make sure your brand stays at the core of all your plans. When your target audience goes through the experience you’ve designed, you want them to have a vivid memory of your brand, your products and what it all stands for.

Always set clear goals

When you get caught up wanting to create something innovative, exciting and memorable, it can be easy to lose sight of the ultimate goal you’re working towards. Working with an experiential marketing agency in Singapore ensures that you’re creating an experiential marketing campaign that is aligned with clearcut goals that they will help you measure through tracking sales, shares, media coverage, or attendance.

Create a ‘fear of missing out’

Converting your core audience into customers is a large and important part of an experiential marketing campaign. In order to do this, you need to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity to stir genuine interest and leave a lasting impression amongst your audience.

The Benefits of Experiential Marketing and Why it’s so Important

Consumers have grown tired of traditional marketing tactics, and have become much savvier in the way they communicate with brands. Many consumers these days just flip pass advertisements without giving them a second thought. Instead, consumers prefer to feel like they’ve made their purchasing decisions on their own, without being “sold” outrightly. One way to create this rapport between you and your potential customer is through experiential marketing.

Unlike one-way avenues, experiential campaigns offer something different—direct interaction. Instead of feeling like a brand is speaking to them, these innovative marketing campaigns create a one-on-one engagement that allows consumers to feel like they’re speaking with your brand.

Staying relevant is vital to the success of your business, and utilising an experiential campaign is one way to make your brand remain fresh in your audiences’ minds. Effective experiential campaigns also create word-of-mouth marketing, which carries with it an enhanced sense of trust and authenticity amongst your potential customers.

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Inspiring Examples of Successful Experiential Marketing

The use of experiential marketing has benefitted countless brands across a wide range of markets. Here are some of the most memorable examples to draw inspiration from:

  • Volkswagen: In 2009, the marketing team at Volkswagen renovated a subway staircase into a functional piano. Their marketing ploy was ‘The Fun Theory.’ This campaign worked, and hidden cameras showed that 66% of people would rather play the piano staircase than take the adjacent escalator. The carmaker revealed that driving a Volkswagen is one way to choose fun over convention.
  • Guinness: The popular beer company encouraged new customers by providing drinkers with a ‘Guinness Class’ experience. Across the UK, bar-goers would play an instant-win game after ordering a pint of Guinness. Nineteen grand prize winners got to board a private jet to Dublin to experience something more than ordinary.

At Heilo, we’re dedicated to helping your brand create that unique and highly sought after connection with your target audiences.  Our integrated marketing approach means that all our clients are able to plan their experiential marketing campaigns in a seamless and efficient manner in one place—with us!

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