At Heilo, we have a highly experienced team who has successfully created brand experiences for lifestyle, luxury to consumer brands through various creative platforms and providing out of the world content for consumers. We do so by always treating each client’s target as it is our own.


We will ensure key selling points & messages are delivered down to consumers through our expertise in:

Content Creation
Content Creation

Content Copywriting



Instead of the usual conceptualization-storybuilding-copywriting-setting-drafting which often involves massive manpower, we are able to transform your ideas with our creative inputs to spin-off in a direction you desire with nothing more than just you and I!

With in-house copy-writing capabilities, we have generated content copies for clients for the purpose of Marketing, Website Building, Event Promotion, and many more.

O2O Experiences
O2O Experiences

Online-to-Offline Experience would be considered a large influencing factor of a successful business, most commonly in the FMCG market. It began with something we might all be familiar with – Home Shopping. Through years of technical progression, the E-commerce market blew up and people now advertise and profit through curated O2O efforts that range from Product Reviews to Info-ads and also live-broadcasted Fashion Shows and Entertainment Events like concerts and parties. Demonstrating Dynamic Marketing at it’s best, is what some may say.


Product Showcase Livestream (Small Setup)



Simple online streamings via Social Networking Sites have become an interactive and effective way to showcase any product or event. Our professional AV tech team will be able to ensure superior audio & visual quality, even for simple sessions.



Product Showcase Livestream (Large Setup)



Large-scale multi-angle sessions may be built up to showcase studio-grade sessions. Our professional team will be able to build up venues for optimum broadcast setups to ensure the optimum streaming and viewing experience.



FMCG Consumer O2O Experience



We designed an O2O experience game that matched online activities to physical activations for an advertising effort. Consumers get to play the game online and carry on the experience to an offline activity for product redemption.

Marketing Collateral
Conceptualization & Designs
Marketing Collateral Conceptualization & Designs

When half the team is made up of designers and the other half experienced creative-thinkers, we are confident to bring out and across your messages to your preference, be it subtle or shout-outs. Marketing collateral design is what might seemingly be the easiest but is in fact the most critical part of any promotional activity – whether to sell a product, destination, event, or simple message.


Club Wyndham Asia & Zespri Marketing Project



With an in-house team of designers, heilo is able to generate Marketing Collaterals for any need – events, promotions, advertisements, and a whole myriad of possibilities.



Macdonalds Ebi Burger Mobile Truck



For the launch of their Ebi Burger, McDonald’s held a series of activation activities whereby heilo undertook the design of their marketing collaterals and events materials.

Digital Game Development 
(Web/Social Platforms)
Digital Game Development (Web/Social Platforms)

What better way to engage your digital audience than a customized experience? Uniquely-crafted microsites allow your digital outreach to go beyond advertisements and digital-flyers. Through Web & Game Development, strong online presence that may be achieved will be extended to your physical business or event just with simple built-in mechanics! Lead-generation would also be a breeze with social media log-in options, without compromizing PDPA nor GDPR!


Club Wyndham Asia Check-in Microsite



Microsite and Web developments help brands to facilitate marketing activities, especially benefitting lead procurement.



Zespri Mobile Game Development



Building fully-customizable sites for also help to add a unique sense of exclusiveness in the consumer journey. These creations may be hosted across multiple platforms for maximum reach as well.

AR & VR Development
AR & VR Development

AR & VR technology has become a huge part in the lives of consumers in this digital era. Beginning with Snapchat in 2011, to the instagram and TikTok filters we now see, the evident popularity of AR & VR technology has transformed into one of the most effective social media marketing tools. Our in-house design team will be able to customized filters to any promotional


Consumer Product Interactive Games


A concept we have designed before, would be the interactive filter for clients in the Food & Beverage Industry. Through AR creations with this mechanism, clients are able to showcase their products, be it a feature or a new launch.




Challenge Based Interactive Games



With this filter concept, consumers are taken through “journeys” to experience various client products through a simple game. Often, competitions are held alongside launching such filters. This allows for expanded reach compared to traditional marketing methods.

Social Media Marketing 
(KOLs / Influencers)
Social Media Marketing (KOLs / Influencers)

This option to push out products directly to their target audience through selected “mediums” has greatly transformed the way companies reach out. The target audience of certain Influencers is so targetted and niche that Social Media Marketing through them is actually something businesses are willing to spend on. Micro-influencers also have an edge in certain industries, where it is likely that the overlap of their followers with other fellow micro-influencers constitutes a smaller percentage that of larger influencer profiles. This brings about higher organic traffic attention for a fraction of marketing dollars spent.

Social Media Influencer Marketing



Influencer Marketing may cover varied crowd sizes through promotional posts in a range of methods. These posts reach direct buyers through a curated process of influencer selection.