Organising a successful event begins with careful conceptualisation, and months of planning. And while all the preparation you put into it is extremely important, managing what occurs on-site on your final event day is just as important. The more interactive and immersive the event, the more activities and elements there will be to manage. To help keep everything running smoothly, we suggest working with an event management agency in Singapore!

What is On-Site Event Management

On-site event management essentially means to manage and oversee everything that is set to occur on your actual event day. From delivery of equipment, to set-up, managing the day’s schedule, all the way to the final tear down, on-site event management is vital in ensuring your event goes on according to plan.

Here is a brief look at the phases of the on-site event management process:

1) The coordination phase

The final few hours leading to your event can begin to feel stressful, especially as so many things finally start coming together. At this stage, we help our clients coordinate all of your vendors’ and partner’s needs to ensure that your event space gets transformed into what you planned and envisioned!

2) Managing Schedules

While you’re focused on entertaining and interacting with your guests and participants, it’s vital to have a reliable event management team to keep things running from start to finish. Based on the event schedule that would have been drafted prior to the event day, our on-site event management team will keep everything running on track including welcome and registration staff, catering service, and special remarks.

3) Tear Down

Setting up big fixtures and creating areas within your event venue often means an extensive clean-up is required post-event. This can be tiring and tedious, especially after spending the entire day hosting vendors and guests. As such, our event management services also take care of this final step of your event planning process.

Events Management Agency Singapore

As an integrated marketing agency in Singapore, we at Heilo pride ourselves in providing our clients with convenient and efficient marketing solutions by acting as a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs.

When it comes to event management, we walk our clients through the entire process from conceptualisation, planning, coordinating and the final tear down as well. We also recognise that the nature of events are changing greatly in today’s market, which means that the different aspects and elements that you need help managing are unique as well.

Our experience in developing creative marketing strategies, and experiential marketing gives us a unique and competitive edge in helping you not only create a truly memorable event, but to host and expertly execute one as well.

We will be able to liaise with all necessary stakeholders, sponsors, partners and vendors in order to make the entire event planning process as smooth and seamless as possible. With effective and efficient on-site management, you can be sure that your event will run perfectly, and create an experience that your event-goers will remember for years to come!

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