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Thermo Fisher Scientific Singapore's D&D 2020

For Thermo Fisher Scientific Singapore's D&D 2020, they opted for a virtual setting. The event was planned to cater to a projected count of about 1,800 unique viewers via Microsoft Teams. This event involved all elements of a physical D&D, while posing an additional challenge of more extensive pre-planning; for several pre-recorded content shoots as well as ideating virtual audience engagement activities.


LIVE Stream Event


Thermo Fisher

Scientific Singapore



We generated an original concept of "A Singapore Story", that was carried through the event to resonate with key focus areas such as resilience, strength and unity. Key Visuals were created for EDM adaptations, show animation productions, etc.

Regular D&D segments like the opening speech and management team performance were presented in the form of pre-recorded videos, where Heilo assisted in the planning, scripting, and the overall creative management.

At the physical event, a professional emcee was brought into the studio alongside a professional technical crew; to ensure the program flow was seamless. Digital game segments were planned and managed by the team as well, to keep the virtual audience engaged while giving out prizes - just like their usual D&D experience!

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